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    Our Mission
    We serve the architectural engineering & construction                         management needs of the commercial, multi-family, and custom         residential real estate markets.   From conceptual design to                 construction completion, we work closely with our clients to ensure     they get a project that meets their aesthetic, environmental,                 functional, operational, and financial objectives.
    For our clients that have experienced a site-related loss—whether it     is a personal injury; a mechanical, electrical, or plumbing failure; a     collapse, fire, explosion, landslide, flood, or water damage—we         will investigate the loss, reconstruct the events leading to the loss,         analyze its causes, design repairs, and fix the problem quickly.
    Our Principles
    Our professional services have a purpose beyond building                     monuments and acquiring wealth.  When we serve our clients’             needs, we also serve the needs of everyone in our                                 community—now and for generations to come.  We abide by the     ethics of our professions, the standards of our industries, and the         laws & regulations of our community.
    Our Values
    We value aesthetic beauty, technical excellence, environmental         sustainability, social consciousness, and financial economy. 
    Our Goals
    We strive to create & maintain lifetime client relationships from             every prospective customer.  We seek the public recognition &             approval of our professional services from our clients, our                     community, and our professional peers.  We strive to provide                 leadership in our professions through service to our clients &                 community.

Address: 231 W. 41st Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94403     Office Phone: 650-638-9546     E-mail: charles@wcharlesperry.com