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Scaffolding and Shoring

Project: Chelbab vs. Paramount / Scaffolding and Shoring, Failure Analysis, Accident Reconstruction, Product Defect

This is an accident reconstruction and failure analysis project. Amidst the installation of a modern new steel canopy for a busy urban subway station, the structure collapsed, and a worker was severely injured. WCP&A was hired to investigate the cause of the accident; a thorough structural failure analysis report was produced to aid the plaintiff in winning this court case.

Project: Hernandez vs. Aluma Systems / Scaffolding and Shoring, Construction Site Accident

An accident at a construction site in the San Francisco Dogpatch neighborhood sent four workers to the hospital. During a concrete pour, a drop in the falsework deck was noted. Four carpenters responded to the incident and were working to raise the deck to its finished elevation when the deck collapsed, causing three workers to fall down a stair shaft between 10 to 30 feet and sustain multiple injuries. WCP&A was hired to investigate and analysis this incident.