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Project: Peninsula Covenant Church / As-Built Plans

Peninsula Covenant Church needed to document their facilities to determine how to serve the needs of the congregation and community.  We prepared as-built plans of their entire campus and all of the buildings and calculated the legal occupancy of every room and building.

Facilities Inventory Report (pdf)

Project: 1st American Plaza / Building Maintenance Equipment (BME), Controlled Descent Apparatus (CDA), Swing Stage, Window Washing

When OSHA changed window washing & unscheduled maintenance regulations for buildings taller thank 75 feet, CB Richhard Ellis needed to upgrade their roof-mounted building maintenance equipment. We designed a swingstage installation. When bids for the new system were too expensive, we requested a variance from OSHA, received it, and changed the design to a Controlled Descent Apparatus system.

Project: 1333 Broadway Swingstage / Building Maintenance Equipment (BME), Controlled Design Apparatus (CDA), Swing Stage, Window Washing

Richlen Construction started installing davit bases for a new swingstage system on a renovated high-rise building based on another company’s design.  Richlen discovered that the bases were too low to be waterproofed; also, the swingstage davits could not be attached to the bases.  We redesigned the roof access and davit bases to overcome both of these problems and improve overall life-safety without delaying construction.

Project: 129 Laurel Street / Commercial Office Building Design, Tenant Improvement, TI

Southward & Associates needed to improve the space utilization in their existing building and expand into to a neighboring building without interrupting their tax accounting business.  We designed a continuous space using the two buildings, gutted one building at a time, modified the structure of both buildings to join them together, moved the employees between the buildings as work progressed during the off-season, and completed the entire project before tax time began.

Project: 350 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza / Commercial Office Building Design, Tenant Improvement, TI

The California League of Conservation Voters needed a new headquarters.  We redesigned the penthouse at 350 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, a landmark Art Deco building in the heart of Oakland’s civic center, to serve their needs.

Project: Quanta Computers, Inc. Factory Remodel / Factory Design, Industrial Tenant Improvement, Office Remodel

An approximately 66,000 sf / $4M factory remodel project for Quanta Computers, Inc., in Fremont, CA. This was a multi-phase two-year project that involved mechanical, electrical, structural, egress, lighting, and accesibility upgrades to an existing building tilt-up concrete building with a wood-framed roof. The factory's production equipment was not part of the cost of this project. This work was done while an existing factory was in operation and was phased-out while the new construction was built.

Project: Boncore Residence / Remodel Design, Second Story Addition, Planning Council Meeting

We started this project as a "simple" foundation replacement under a 1960's vintage home on the old salt-flats of Foster City. Given the extent of the required demolition, the owners then requested a second story over their garage and a new master suite. To enhance energy utilization, we replaced all the old windows and added insulation. As part of the wall damage repair, we redesigned the entire façade to a Spanish Mediterranean style.  Of course, we redesigned the interior.

Project: Fancher Residence / Remodel Design

After almost 40 years, this contemporary home on one of Foster City’s canals was ready to be remodeled.  We enlarged & combined the kitchen & family room into a great room.  We enlarged & re-arranged the master suite to provide his & hers toilet & dressing facilities plus a private study overlooking the canal.  We redesigned windows & eaves to control heat & light on the expansive southern canal exposure.  We enlarged the formal dining room & tied it to a new exterior deck through French doors.  We redesigned the upper deck to protect it from wind & rain.  And we redesigned the back yard to create an outside entertainment area.

Project: Fuery Residence / Historic Building Remodel, Historic Building Addition

Dr. Fuery purchased a beautiful turn-of-the century mansion in Piedmont, California.  We were hired to design a two level addition on the residence.  We also were hired to prepare cost estimates for numerous renovation alternatives that included an underground garage, expanded back yard with retaining walls and drainage, partial foundation replacement, a kitchen remodel, and repair of extensive decay and termite damage throughout the structure.

Project: CA Culinary Academy / Multi-Family Design, Dormitory Renovation

California Culinary Academy needed to choose between renovating and replacing their existing dormitories.  We inspected the buldings, prepared as-built plans, identified building components and systems that needed to be repaired or replaced, solicited bids, and categorized the work according to funding source, deferred maintenance, capital improvement, and life safety upgrade.