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Building Maintenance Equipment

Project: 1st American Plaza / Building Maintenance Equipment (BME), Controlled Descent Apparatus (CDA), Swing Stage, Window Washing

When OSHA changed window washing & unscheduled maintenance regulations for buildings taller thank 75 feet, CB Richhard Ellis needed to upgrade their roof-mounted building maintenance equipment. We designed a swingstage installation. When bids for the new system were too expensive, we requested a variance from OSHA, received it, and changed the design to a Controlled Descent Apparatus system.

Project: 1333 Broadway Swingstage / Building Maintenance Equipment (BME), Controlled Design Apparatus (CDA), Swing Stage, Window Washing

Richlen Construction started installing davit bases for a new swingstage system on a renovated high-rise building based on another company’s design.  Richlen discovered that the bases were too low to be waterproofed; also, the swingstage davits could not be attached to the bases.  We redesigned the roof access and davit bases to overcome both of these problems and improve overall life-safety without delaying construction.